Fighting for You in Richmond

Democrat Mavis Taintor for Delegate in District 33

For all Americans, from the start

Mavis is an activist, a former teacher, and a business leader, running to be your voice in Richmond. She’ll fight for fair wages for teachers, improvements for our infrastructure, and healthcare for all.

Mavis’ Top Priorities


We need to support ALL working Virginians, from family farms to startups.

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Our schools deserve the attention, funding, and resources that will help our kids thrive.

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Quality healthcare is critical for the well-being of everyone in Virginia.

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Whether it’s Internet speeds, roads, or electric grids, the 33rd district deserves better infrastructure.

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Your donations could help Mavis flip this seat, and her success could help the Democrats in Virginia flip this state! Make a contribution now, and join our campaign.

Checks can be made out to: Mavis for Delegate, PO Box 309, Hamilton, VA, 20159