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Access to quality affordable health care is critical for the well-being and success of families, seniors, students and everyone across our Commonwealth. All Virginians deserve this. I’ve knocked thousands of doors talking to voters. I’ve heard too many stories of people whose only healthcare provider is the emergency room, or families who put off going to the doctor for critical care because they cannot afford to go. I will fight hard for access to good quality health care for all Virginians.

Our Commonwealth, like the rest of the country, is in the midst of an addiction epidemic that is shattering families, schools, and businesses. All three counties within the 33rd District are below the national average in the availability of inpatient services for people facing mental health and addiction crises. This leaves some of our most vulnerable to fend for themselves. This public health crisis is very personal for me, as my husband and I lost our son to mental illness and addiction. I am committed to doing better for the people in this district.


To empower the next generation to make their own powerful contributions, we must make sure our children receive the highest quality education the Commonwealth can deliver. This means ensuring our children’s success by providing them with good teachers, well-equipped classrooms, and strong schools in healthy communities. We need a voice in Richmond that will make sure our school gets the attention they deserve and see their fair share of education funding and resources. The parents and children of the 33rd District deserve to have their Delegate work in their best interest. I will fight for investment in our classrooms, our teachers, and their support staff. Virginia must make education a higher priority.

Jobs and the Economy

Virginia has done well growing its jobs and has an unemployment rate that is often below the national average. But averages can mask areas with a lack of opportunity. Large pockets of unemployment and underemployment remain. Great earnings disparities exist in some areas of our communities. Easing some regulations, increasing STEM curriculums in schools, building bridges between our schools and the unions that provide paid internships, fostering better cooperation between local governments, educational institutions, and employers in the private sector are some of the many innovative workforce solutions that we need to adopt in the 33rd District and around the Commonwealth.

We need to prioritize policy that supports the success of small businesses like our local family farms, microbreweries, vineyards, construction companies, and boutique stores. We need to be more welcoming to innovative entrepreneurs.  A universal broadband framework would allow small businesses and farms to manage their books, market their products, and prosper. Infrastructure upgrades to our roads and highway systems would make it easier for residents and tourists to get to our towns and businesses, We can also broaden and diversify our economy by encouraging and promoting more Veteran, Women, and Minority-owned businesses, leveraging federal dollars and contracts to help our local businesses grow.


Our communities’ infrastructures are lagging behind the country’s. Whether it’s inadequate internet speed, badly congested roads, or electricity that goes off after every storm, Virginians deserve better. Richmond must change its priorities and get back to funding our basic infrastructure. Our utilities are important to our quality of life and to our economy. With poor internet services, our rural businesses and farms suffer. With congested roads, parents are sitting in traffic when they should be at home with their children. With intermittent periods of no electricity, it is difficult to telecommute or do schoolwork.

Supporting Our Veterans

We owe our veterans more than gratitude for their service to our nation. Our veterans deserve the care and resources they and their families need when they return home. First, we must increase health care availability and affordability, including for mental health and addiction. Military personnel sacrifices everything for our freedom; they must be given every opportunity to recover from the trauma of deployment. Second, we must provide excellent training and workforce development programs including assistance with college costs so our veterans can obtain well-paying jobs.

Campaign Finance

In Virginia, large corporations and PACs can finance any politician’s campaign for limitless amounts of money. We have entrenched office-holders in Richmond who are beholden to these outsiders. As a result, our politicians have underfunded education, jeopardized Virginians’ health, and ignored our aging infrastructure. It is time that we reform our weak campaign finance laws and push back on corporate overreach in our Commonwealth.

Dignity and Justice for All

I believe the most foundational responsibility of any elected official is to fairly and honestly represent the best interests of all her constituents. I am dedicated to representing the best interests of all those living in the 33rd District, to collaborating effectively with my colleagues in Richmond to provide cost-effective solutions to the issues facing all our residents and to ensuring that we do not undermine the respect and dignity that each one of us deserves.

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